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The 50th Anniversary Order Convention in Bodhgaya, India

Posted 13 days ago

The 50th Anniversary Order Convention is currently underway in Bodhgaya, India. The theme is ‘Sinhananda - The Lion’s Roar’. Most of the Convention will be public, and content – talks, mantras, podcasts, pictures, videos, livestreams (including an Indian Classical Concert!) will be available on the dedicated space on The Buddhist Centre Online and other social media spaces.

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ordinations at bodh gaya

Posted 14 days ago

We are delighted to inform you of the public ordinations which took place in Bodh Gaya on Saturday 3rd of February. The ordinations took place in the Mahabodhi Temple Complex, under the Bodhi Tree.

Dhammamitra Bharati Shetty became
Dhammacharini Mokshasara
Sanskrit name meaning: Essence of Liberation
Private preceptor: Subbhajaya
Public preceptor: Jnanasuri

Dhammamitra Dhangaj Singh became
Dhammachari Shramanveer
Sanskrit name meaning: Hero of Shraman
Private preceptor: Amoghasiddhi
Public preceptor: Saddhaloka

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!


Sangharakshita's diary

Posted 17 days ago

Sthanashraddha is Bhante’s secretary. He writes from Adhisthana, UK:

December is an unusual month here at Adhisthana, it becomes fairly quiet in the communities and quite a few people go away, either to see family or attend retreats. At the same time the centre swells and fills to capacity as the London Buddhist Centre holds its annual beginners winter retreat here. Bhante’s December largely followed a similar rhythm, being very quite with a slowing down of emails and letters over the holidays, but then seeing many people during the winter retreat.

January rolled on and the year began peacefully in the Urgyen Annexe, Bhante enjoyed meeting various chairs during the European Chairs Assembly, and then it was time for the Adhisthana community days. Time for the men’s and women’s community to come together without any retreats or guests visiting, and everyone Home from their travels. It was during the community days that Bhante was invited for a tea Party, which he enjoyed very much, talking with a few of us and also Aryajaya who has just moved here to become the new International Order Convenor, taking over from Parami who steps down later this year.

Though the weather has been cold, Bhante has been out for several walks when it has been dry, including a rather snowy morning. Even when going out hasn’t been possible, Bhante keeps up regular exercises of various kinds.

December and January has of course seen Bhante continuing to ’write’ in the evenings with the help of either Paramartha or Suvajra, finishing both ’Green Tara and the Fourth Lakshana’ and ’Bodhisattvas are Also Necessary’.

Other than the usual clinic visits for Bhante’s eyes, there was a visit to the local Surgery to see his GP about a minor infection in mid January, for which he’s taking a short course of antibiotics.

A gift of Philip Pullman’s latest book ’The Book of Dust’, is now being listened to and Bhante is enjoying it.”

Visit Sangharakshita’s website.


Notable ordination statistics for 2017

Posted 6 weeks ago

The twin ordination ceremonies held in India on 17th December 2017 saw the entry of 68 people to the Order (21 women and 47 men); the largest number of people to enter the Order on one day in the Order’s 50 years.

There were 146 ordinations worldwide in 2017 (73 women and 73 men). This is the largest number of people to have entered the Order in one year.

2017 also saw 16 resignations (8 women and 8 men).


Men's ordinations in India

Posted 7 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce that Sunday 17th December 2017 saw the public ordinations of 47 men at Bordharan Retreat Centre in India:

1 Kashinath Jadhav from Thane becomes Anomaditya
2 Shukhdev Wankhede from Ulhasnagar becomes Maniveer
3 Shankar Bhorge from Ulhasnagar becomes Sheeldhvaj
4 Gautam Teltumbde from Wardha becomes Aryanand
5 Pandhari Ramteke from Wardha becomes Aryanistha
6 Hiraman Lohakare from Sevagram, Wardha becomes Karunasiddhi
7 Manik Rangari from Deori, Bhandara becomes Anomkumar
8 Naren Moon from Wardha becomes Aryachhand
9 Narayan Bhagat from north Nagpur becomes Kushalaratna
10 Kishanchand from Meeruth, UP becomes Dharmakant
11 Milind Gajbhiye from South-West Nagpur becomes Chandranaga
12 Mahadev Jagtap from Camp, Pune becomes Shraddhabal
13 Murlidhar Patil from Camp, Pune becomes Bodhideep
14 Ratnakar More from Ulhasnagar becomes Akshayabodhi
15 Rajesh Gade from Panwel, Mumbai becomes Dharmabal
16 Makdoom from Deharadun, UP becomes Karmaditya
17 Santalal from Deharadun, UP becomes Prabuddhachitta
18 Kamalshing from Modinagar, UP becomes Dhammadhvaja
19 Harshavardhan from Modinagar, UP becomes Maitreyadeep
20 Rajbahudur Baudha from Kanpur, UP becomes Shakyaketu
21 Santosh Ramteke from Gondia, Bhandara becomes Amoghakumar
22 Satish Gawai from Raipur, Chattisgarh becomes Akshayvajra
23 Nitin Raut from HRC Bordharan becomes Akshayaratna
24 Shyamsundar from Kanpur, UP becomes Sheelvajra
25 Ajaypal from Kanpur, UP becomes Jinaveer
26 Brahmalal from Agra, UP becomes Siddhikumar
27 Chandu Kokare from Nanded becomes Karunadhvaja
28 Kishan Kamble from Nanded becomes Anandagarbha
29 Nitin Mohite from Ratnagiri becomes Chandranath
30 Suresh Ghule from Nanded becomes Prajnarakshita
31 Mahesh Pednekar from Goa becomes Prajnachakshu
32 Manik Shegokar from Pimpri becomes Dhyanaratna
33 Ashok Waghmare from Yeotmal becomes Dhyanchitta
34 Arvind Pudake from Yeotmal becomes Achalachitta
35 Milind Khandare from Dapodi, Pune becomes Prabodharatna
36 Vinay Kamble from Ratnagiri becomes Amrutsagar
37 Gautam Shinde from Ratnagiri becomes Satyasagar
38 Ram Shavare from Chiplun becomes Jinaruchi
39 Padmavajra from Bhaja becomes Jinasiddhi
40 Ashvajeet from Ulhasnagar becomes Dhairyasiddhi
41 Dhammadeep from Bhaja becomes Manjuvaca
42 Diwakar from Goa becomes Jinacitta
43 Rajmohan from Bhaja becomes Aryasambhava
44 Ashok Kamble from Camp, Pune becomes Vinayaprabha
45 Baburao Waghmare from Pimpri, Pune becomes Kalyanbandu
46 Bhagwan Gadankush from Satara becomes Sanghaditya
47. Vilas Ubale from Sangli becomes Jnanasena

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Triratna in Italian, for just £265

Posted 8 weeks ago

So far there isn’t a single Triratna book in Italian but you can easily change that. Mitra Val Cartei is translating Who is the Buddha? into Italian. She just needs the last £265 to make it happen. (That’s €333 or US$ 354.)

Born and brought up in Italy, Val is a mitra training for ordination in Brighton, UK. She’s a published author in both English and Italian, now working with Triratna’s Translations Board, who say she is enthusiastic, inspired and generous. (She’s asking for very little financial support while she does the work.) She writes:

“Like many in the West, I grew up with a pretty distorted image of Buddhism. I thought the Buddha was a God and meditation was for people with too much time on their hands. Then, a few years ago, I was suddenly faced with loss and grief. I started going to my local Buddhist Centre and there I started to understand the profound message of Buddhism and to develop a peace and happiness that I once believed impossible.

Who is the Buddha? is a treasure trove of wisdom, easily applicable in everyday life by all people of all backgrounds and beliefs.”

The Triratna Translations Board have almost all the money they need for this - but they do just need this final £265!

Make a donation.
Any surplus will go to future translation projects.

What is the Triratna Translations Board?
The Triratna Translations Board came into existence at the end of 2015, to promote and co-ordinate translation projects in many languages. In autumn 2017 they administered funds made available by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly (ECA) and also, for the first time, money allocated via Triratna’s new fundraising project, FutureDharma.

In total they distributed £10,000:

Polish Translating the first year of the Dharma study course for mitras
Estonian Who is the Buddha?
Russian A Survey of Buddhism, chapters 2 & 3
Italian Who is the Buddha?
Portuguese The Triratna Story
Dutch Publishing five books, already translated
Spanish Continuing part-time support for two people to set up a common legal framework and co-ordinate translations work across the Spanish-speaking world, which has developed well over the last 25 years, but on a very ad hoc basis.

Read more about the Spanish translation project.

Our vision
We want to make available in many languages the Dharma as elucidated by Sangharakshita.

Without translations, our ability to share the Dharma in non-English speaking countries is very limited: only 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers and of the remaining 95%, some simply don’t speak English at all, some will speak a little but not enough to be able to read a book, while others will be able to read and understand a book in English, but only to some extent. Even those fluent in English as a foreign language almost always say that it makes a far deeper impression to read the Dharma in their native tongue.

Read more about Triratna translation work.
Find out more about the FutureDharma Fund.
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“Sangharakshita’s books explain Buddhism in a very accessible way to the ‘European mind’, while keeping a broad and versatile perspective [..] It’s essential for the reader to them in their own language – it helps the understanding and integrating the content. When I read in English many things elude and escape me, and the emotional resonance is much stronger when reading in Polish.” Alicja from Poland


Recording-breaking women's ordinations in India

Posted 9 weeks ago

We are very happy to announce that on Sunday 17th December 2017 the following 21 women had their public ordination at Saddhamma Pradeep retreat centre, at Bhaja, in India.

This is the largest number of Dhammacharinis to be ordained at one time in India.

Public preceptor Jnanasuri
Private preceptor Karunamaya
Sunanda Popatkar,
Nagpur, becomes Shraddhakirti
meaning “She who is famous for faith”.
Sujata Thool, Wardha, becomes Maitrijaya
meaning “She who conquers with loving kindness”.
Smita Jadhav, Mumbai, becomes Maitrimodini
meaning “She who takes delight in loving kindness”
Maya Jagtap, Thane, Mumbai, becomes Sanghahridaya
Name meaning “She who has the sangha in her heart/or who cares about the sangha from her heart”.

Public preceptor Karunamaya
Private preceptor Jnanasuri
Bharati Waghamare,
Pimpri, Pune, becomes Shantidana
meaning “She who gives peace”.
Vishakha Kamble, Pimpri, Pune, becomes Amalajyoti
meaning “Pure light”
Shobha Bhivagade, Nagpur, becomes Sarvottama
meaning “Best of all”.
Panchashila Suryawaish, Pimpri, Pune, becomes Mruduhridaya
meaning “Tender hearted”

Public preceptor Karunamaya
Private preceptor Vijaya
Sushila Rahate,
Nanded, becomes Aryadipa
meaning “Noble lamp”.
Sushila Karwade, Poolgao, becomes Asangvajri
meaning: “Unattached diamond”
Padma Meshram, Poolgao, becomes Amrutvajri
meaning “Nectar diamond”
Rekha Hirkane, Nagpur, becomes Amalavajri
meaning “Pure diamond”

Public preceptor Karunamaya
Private preceptor Suprabha
Kaushalya Moon,
Hinganghat becomes Jayottama
meaning “Excellent victory”
Bhagyashri Ramteke, Chandrapur, becomes Amoghashri
meaning “Unfailing prosperity”

Public preceptor Jnanasuri
Private preceptor Suprabha
Venu Dhoke,
Nagpur becomes Amitachitta
meaning “One with immeasurable mind”
Vijaya Kamble, Wardha, becomes Amoghasraddha
meaning “Unfailing faith”

Public preceptor Jnanasuri
Private preceptor Shubhajaya
Chaya Jadhav,
Pune, becomes Shilashraddha
meaning “Faith in shila”
Kalpana Patole, Pune, becomes Shantishraddha
Meaning “Faith in peace”
Sumitra Jondhale, Nanded, becomes Bodhishraddha
meaning “Faith in awakening”

Public preceptor Jnanasuri
Private preceptor Jayamani
Chaya Kamble,
Pune, becomes Amoghanetri
meaning: Unfailing, successful leader”

Public preceptor Karunamaya
Private preceptor Jayamani
Gumpha Sakhare,
Nagpur, becomes Shakyanandi
meaning “She who takes joy in Shakyamuni Buddha”



Ordination in New Zealand

Posted 10 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce the public ordination of Geoff Walker at the Auckland Buddhist Centre on 16th December 2017.

Geoff’s new name is Dhīramuni. (The first ‘i’ is long.)
This is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘resolute sage’.
Westernised spelling: Dhiramuni
Private preceptor: Ratnavyuha
Public preceptor: Purna

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Ordination in New Zealand

Posted 10 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce the public ordination of Geoff Walker at the Auckland Buddhist Centre on 16th December 2017.

Geoff’s new name is Dhīramuni. (The first ‘i’ is long.)
This is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘resolute sage’.
Westernised spelling: Dhiramuni
Private preceptor: Ratnavyuha
Public preceptor: Purna


Windhorse: free books for prisons

Posted 11 weeks ago

Giulietta Spudich writes from Triratna publishers Windhorse Publications with news of their work with prisons.

“Recently, we wrote on our blog regarding Windhorse Publications’ efforts to send Dharma books to prisoners. In response, we received this warm message:

“Just a quick note to let you know how delighted and impressed I am with your generosity towards prisoners. I am Buddhist prison chaplain at HMPs Elmley and Standford Hill, and cover for Maidstone, Rochester and Swaleside. I am constantly aware of the wonderful, positive effect Buddhism is making to their lives. It is contributions like yours that make such a difference. Thank you so much!” – Clive

(HMP is a British acronym standing for ‘Her Majesty’s Prison’.)

On request, our Publishing Controller, Michelle, sends free Windhorse Publications books and written replies to prisoners. The gratitude with which they receive them is touching. These books and letters enhance their lives, and in a place where there is a lot of time for reflection, they can find greater self awareness and understanding through the Dharma.

Sangharakshita’s books are particularly highlighted in these letters from prisoners:

‘I discovered a few books by Sangharakshita and it feels like I have ‘come home’, so to speak. So far, Buddhism has come very naturally to me and has brought out the ‘nice’ side of me that I thought was gone forever.’ Prisoner, HMP Littlehey, UK

‘I enjoy your books from the author Sangharakshita. I have two of his books and would like more if possible. Living Ethically and What is the Dharma are the two that I have. Thank you for your patience and time.’ Prisoner, Corcoran State Prison, California, USA

‘Thank you so much for your kind gift of the book on meditation. It will be used to great effect. I don’t think you know just how much of a blessing you are!’ Prisoner, HMP Whitemoor, UK

Being able to help people with the Dharma in the form of the written word brings great meaning to our efforts in publishing and distributing books. We are lucky to be providing something precious to prisoners, which helps them in their reflections and lives.”

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Southampton's first centre - in a pub

Posted 11 weeks ago

The second weekend of September this year saw the opening of the well-established Southampton sangha (UK)’s first centre, in a disused pub, complete with intriguingly re-designed pub sign.

Chair Sudharshini tells us about the project and the redesign, created by architect Abhayanara, also responsible for the re-design of Adhisthana and Triratna’s Shrewsbury centre.


Green Earth Awakening

Posted 11 weeks ago

In the latest NewsByte, Clear Vision looks back at Buddhafield’s Green Earth Awakening festival, held 20th-24th September this year, when Buddhists of several traditions came together with non-Buddhists and activists and campaigners for a few days’ camping in the Blackdown Hills in Devon, UK.

As Buddhafield say on their website, “The Green Earth Awakening is a convergence of engaged Buddhism, community living, land skills, and creative responses [leading] towards social resilience.”

Go next year? Read about Green Earth Awakening 2018


Mummy, where do kesas come from?

Posted 12 weeks ago

Ever wondered?

Carunalaka writes from Australia: “It’s a little-known fact that Vajradharini, from Pune, India, has been making kesas for the worldwide Triratna Buddhist Order for the past seven years.

Recently I suggested there were many people who would be delighted to ‘meet’ the woman who makes these items, given to members of the Order at their ordinations. I persuaded her to speak to camera - in English - even though she was very shy about doing so.

White kesas are given at ordination; golden kesas may be taken later by those choosing to make a public commitment to greater simplicity of lifestyle, including celibacy.

Vajradharini’s small tailoring business includes teaching other women to sew, and it supports her family, including her husband Yashosagar, a Public preceptor who works tirelessly for the growth of Triratna in India.”

Editor’s note: 2017 having been a record-breaking year for ordinations in Triratna, Vajradharini has been working extra hard, and others had to step in to meet demand. By the end of the year there will have been 150 ordinations in 2017 with 15 public ordination ceremonies having occurred across Mexico, Spain, Ireland, USA, UK, New Zealand and India.


Vishvapani on the BBC

Posted 3 months ago

For a number of years, Vishvapani has been the regular Buddhist contributor to Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Four’s morning news programme, Today.

Here are his recent broadcasts, accessible anywhere in the world. His views on violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Burma/Myanmar may be of particular interest.

11th May 2017 Is Buddhism still relevant? (Buddha Day)
18th May 2017 Eating in moderation
1st June 2017 If technology served Buddhist goals
5th September 2017 The Dharma and the caring professions
12th September 2017 Buddhist atrocities in Burma: the problem of a Buddhist state

These links are to the broadcasts on the BBC website. They are also available (and in text form) on Vishvapani’s Wise Attention blog, where you will also find his talks for BBC Radio Wales and other recent writing.