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Primera ceremonia de mitras en Sevilla

Posted 11 hours ago

-Primera ceremonia de Mitras en Sevilla-

Con gran alegría os queremos informar de la primera ceremonia de mitras de la Comunidad Triratna en Sevilla, que tuvo lugar este sábado pasado, 24 de Febrero. Silamani ofició la ceremonia y varios MMOO, mitras y amigos, de varios lugares de España, estuvieron presentes.
¡Bien hecho Belén Cuadrado!

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Con Metta,

Prajñajyoti García
Grupo Triratna Sevilla


First Mitra Ceremony in Seville -First Mitra Ceremony in Seville-.

It is with great joy that we would like to inform you about the first mitre ceremony of the Triratna Community in Seville, which took place last Saturday, February 24th. Silamani officiated the ceremony and several Order Members, mitras and friends, from various parts of Spain, were present.

Well done Belen Cuadrado!

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

With Metta,

Prajñajyoti Garcia
Triratna Group Seville


Windhorse Publications turns 50

Posted 5 weeks ago

This year is going to be significant for Windhorse Publications. After 50 years in operation, we have a lot to celebrate!

Back in the 1970s, what is now Windhorse Publications started out as a scattering of right livelihood businesses including typesetters, printers, distributors and publishers. At first, its newsletters and journals were published under the name Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. It then became Windhorse Press in the early 1970s when it began publishing full length books, starting with The Essence of Zen. By the early 1980s, it had become Windhorse Publications.

Throughout 2024, we’ll be looking back over 50 years of Dharma publishing and sharing stories from Windhorse’s past. We’ll also look to the future of our books, podcasts, courses and other ways we can continue to support the Dharma life of our community.

In a fine twist of fate, as well as celebrating our 50th anniversary, this year we’ll also be publishing the last three volumes of Sangharakshita’s Complete Works.

Please join our celebrations

There are many ways for you to participate in our 50th anniversary celebrations…

  • First up will be the International Triratna Day online celebrations on Saturday the 6th of April. At that event, we’ll highlight Windhorse Publications’ roots in Sangharakshita’s talks and writing, and the project of living and working together as part of our Buddhist practice. More information about that event will be available soon here on and its social media channels.

  • From the 22nd to the 25th of August, members of the Triratna Buddhist Order are invited to gather at the Combined Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana, where we’ll celebrate Sangharakshita’s writings and the texts and ideas that ground us in the practice of the Dharma.

— Volume 6 will be The Essential Sangharakshita, originally published by Wisdom Publications.

— Volume 11, A New Buddhist Movement I, includes articles and interviews of the early years of what is now the Triratna Buddhist movement.

— Volume 27’s editor Vidyadevi is deep at work producing the last, and definitely not least volume: Concordance to the Complete Works. Somewhere between an index and an Encyclopaedia, the Concordance will be a guide to a lifetime of Sangharakshita’s published Dharma teaching.

We’d love to hear from you!

How have Windhorse Publications’ books introduced you to the Dharma, touched your life, or supported your practice? Please share your stories with us.

You can send us an email (info [at] with your story: it could be about an experience of reading one of the books we’ve published, or how you’ve used a book (or books) in your practice, or a book-based course or study you did that had a profound influence… And if you can, please share a picture of yourself with the book cover, or better yet, send a short video clip, telling us where you are and what book or books have touched your life.

Windhorse Publications has been run on a shoestring its whole existence. Publishing is a precarious business and a labour of love, and today the challenges are particularly acute. We’d love to ensure that Windhorse Publications goes into the next 50 years strong and independent, and publishing the books we value. You can be part of that by donating now.

We hope to see you in 2024!

With much metta

The (current) Windhorse Publications team: Dhammamegha, Liz, Michelle, Utpalavajri and Walter


Ordination at the Helsinki Buddhist Centre

Posted 11 weeks ago

Sunday 10th December 2023

Dear Order Members,

The public ordination of Jarkko Lavinen took place this afternoon at the Helsinki Buddhist Centre.

He becomes Lalitachitta, meaning he whose mind is playful
Maharatnapriya was his private preceptor and Saddhaloka was his public preceptor.

With much metta,



Ordination in New Zealand

Posted 11 weeks ago

Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce that the former Don Lawson was publicly ordained on 10th December at the Wellington Buddhist Centre.

He becomes Surangamamati, ‘He who has a mind of heroic progress’ . There is an accent above the ’s’, long ‘u’ and a dot over the ‘n’.

Registered spelling Shurangamamati.

His private preceptor is Purna and his public preceptor is Ratnavyuha.

With Metta,




Posted 3 months ago

I was absolutely astounded by Karunadhi’s phone-call telling me that the Windhorse Trust was giving Tiratanaloka Unlimited half-a-million pounds! She had to say it twice before it sank in. Then I burst into tears of our gratitude. What an affirmation to all of us - to all of you who believe so deeply in this project. And it’s a massive leap forward for our fundraising. This brings our new total to over one million pounds, which means we’re over two-thirds of the way to our £1.5 million target!

The Windhorse Trust was set up in the 1980s by those running Windhorse:Evolution - a wholesale and retail team-based right-livelihood gift business. Loads of us used to work for Windhorse. I had 5 ½ happy years at the Dublin Shop and nearly all the Tiratanaloka team worked in UK shops.

We made lots of profits, so even though the business sadly closed in 2015, the Trust is still able to give away money. So if you’ve ever worked, volunteered, bought a gift or received a gift from Windhorse, you are part of this amazing donation!

Please share this wonderful news! Share the video far and wide!

With love and gratitude from Subhadramati

P.S. Now that our target is so much nearer don’t miss your chance to take part in this Movement-critical project . Give now or click here to make a pledge.


Babasaheb Ambedkar arrives at Adhisthana

Posted 3 months ago

For several years now, during each international Preceptors’ College meeting, time is dedicated to hearing from the kula of Public Preceptors in India. This was a special year, with all ten of them able to travel over, making up more than 20% of those gathered for the meeting.

One morning was spent hearing about the work of the ordination teams and public preceptors in India, including the establishment of a new retreat centre dedicated to ordination training, Sudarshan Bhumi, named in memory of Sudarshan. During a free afternoon, the India Kula cooked a celebratory dinner for the Adhisthana Community and College, and then led us all in a very special evening during which Subhuti was invited to unveil a bust of Dr Ambedkar. The India Kula commissioned the bust to be made especially for Adhisthana following a conversation with Bhante in 2018, and it has now taken up it’s place in the room above the shrine room, rededicated as ‘Bhim Smrti’.

Following a Pali Puja recited by Ratnashil and Abhayavati, we processed via the burial mound to ‘Bhim Smrti’, where the bust was unveiled and garlanded. Amrutdeep, Amoghasiddhi and Subhuti invoked the deep connection between Sangharakshita and Dr. Ambedkar, their shared vision of the dharma and it’s transformative potential for society, affirming Babasaheb’s relevance to the whole world. There was traditional Ambedkarite song and chanting, and we ended with the Dhammapalam Gatha. It was a powerful and affecting event – a highlight of the meeting for many present.

“As I worked on my description of that historic ceremony, and tried to bring out the significance of some of the things Ambedkar had done, I became more than ever aware how much there was in common between his approach to Buddhism and mine. Though the saying itself may not have been current in his day, for him, too, commitment was primary, lifestyle secondary, as his contemptuous dismissal of pseudo- monasticism in `The Buddha and the Future of His Religion’ abundantly testified. His assertion, in effect, of the fundamental unity of the Buddhist spiritual community, corresponded to my own insistence on the central importance of Going for Refuge…”

– Sangharakshita, from ‘The History of my Going for Refuge

You can see a fuller version of the three talks at the dedication of Bhim Smrti, here.


Ordinations on the Pan-American Convention, Mexico

Posted 4 months ago

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to let you know the names of the new dharmacharinis publicly ordained in Mexico on 23rd October.

Public Preceptor Karunadevi

MJ Moore becomes Prajñākavī, a Sanskrit name meaning “Poet of Wisdom”
Registered spelling: Prajnakavi
Private preceptor: Padmatara

Kelly Cowger becomes Ākāśanāthā, a Sanskrit name meaning “One who has open space as a protector”
Registered spelling: Akashanatha
Private preceptor: Aryadrishti

Public Preceptor Amala

Maryellen Burke becomes Dayāpradīpā, a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a lamp of compassion”
Registered spelling: Dayapradipa
Private preceptor: Viriyalila


Karunadevi & Amala


Sangharakshita Songs

Posted 4 months ago

Next February a date has been scheduled to record a setting of 8 poems by Sangharakshita, with The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the South African baritone Theo Magongoma. Entitled Sangharakshita Songs, they can be heard here in a piano version with Manidhara/Graham Titus:

Listen to the piano version of Sangharakshita Songs

Listen to more pieces on on Akashadeva’s web site

Essentially, the plan is to combine this work with the existing 2019 recording of the Carbon Symphony, and to launch a worldwide CD and streaming platform release of the two works on the SOMM CD label.

A JustGiving campaign is now in place to cover the cost of this project. Any help, be it via fund-raising ideas, or donations, will be welcome.

Support the Sangharakshita Songs Project

Very best wishes,

Akashadeva/David Earl


Ordinations at Tiratanaloka

Posted 4 months ago

We are delighted to let you know the names of the new dharmacharinis ordained at Tiratanaloka on 13th October.

Public Preceptor Parami

Liz Graham becomes Vidyadhi (long ‘a’, long final ‘i‘), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has knowledge and wisdom”.
Registered spelling Vidyadhi
Private preceptor Taravandana

Ele Thompson becomes Aryadaya (long first and final ‘a’ ), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who has the kindness and compassion of the noble ones”.
Registered spelling Aryadaya
Private Preceptor Dharmavasini

Mita Dattani becomes Bodhivandana (long final ‘a’), a Pali name meaning “She who worships Awakening”.
Registered spelling Bodhivandana
Private Preceptor Subhadramati

Mary Purtell becomes Khemabodhini (long final ‘i’), a Pali name meaning “She who awakens to what is peaceful, safe and secure”.
Registered spelling Khemabodhini
Private Preceptor Saddhanandi

Jules Smart becomes Subhadarsa (accent above each ’s’, long final ‘a’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who sees beauty”.
Registered spelling Shubhadarsha
Private Preceptor Amarachandra

Helen Bond becomes Srigarbha (accent above the ’s’, long ‘i’ and long final ‘a’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is gloriously radiant from her very core”.
Registered spelling Shrigarbha
Private Preceptor Padmajata

Public Preceptor Subhadramati

Janet Drury becomes Prasadasila (long second and final ‘a’, accent over the second ’s’, long ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose ethical conduct is pure, clear and bright”.
Registered spelling Prasadashila
Private Preceptor Padmasara

Jas Sambi becomes Saranaloka (dot under the ’n’, long third and final ‘a’), a Pali name meaning “She who is illuminated by the Refuges”.
Registered spelling Saranaloka
Private Preceptor Vanaraji

Susan McPhee becomes Padmajayini (long final ‘i’), a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose victory is of the lotus”.
Registered spelling Padmajayini
Private Preceptor Parami

Pamela Sandu becomes Sarajayini (long first ‘a’ and long final ‘i’, a Pali name meaning “She whose victory comes from what is essential”.
Registered spelling Sarajayini
Private Preceptor Parami


Ordinations at Aryaloka

Posted 5 months ago

Dear Friends,

Two men were privately ordained at Aryaloka on Wednesday 27th October
during an Ordination Training Retreat, and publicly ordained on Sunday 1st October.

Mark Ludak becomes Sīlasiddhi
‘He who is accomplished in virtuous conduct’

Private preceptor: Dharmachari Paramānanda
Public preceptor: Dharmachari Viradhamma

Frank Gladu becomes Shantibhakta
‘He who is devoted to peace’

Private preceptor: Dharmachari Suddhayu
Public Preceptor: Dharmacari Dhammarati


Pictured L to R:
Paramananda, Dhammarati, Shantibhakta, Silasiddhi, Viradhamma, Suddhayu

With metta,



Ordinations at Akashavana

Posted 5 months ago

Dear Order Members,

We are delighted to let you know that the following nine people have just joined the Triratna Buddhist Order! The public ordination took place on the 15th September at Akashavana Retreat Centre, Spain.

With metta,
Vajratara and Santavajri

Public Preceptor Vajratara

Sue Sheppard becomes Vimalajaya
(long last a)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She whose victory is stainless”
Registered spelling: Vimalajaya
Private Preceptor Santavajri

Laura Stewart becomes Vandanasuri
(long last a, acute accent over the s, long u and long i)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a heroine of praise and worship”
Registered spelling: Vandanashuri
Private Preceptor Saraka

Anjali Chatterjee becomes Padmanita
(long i and last a)
A Sanskrit name meaning “Guided by the Lotus”
Registered spelling: Padmanita
Private Preceptor Dayanandi

Rose Lancaster becomes Nagalila
(long first a, long i and long last a)
A Sanskrit or Pali name meaning “She who has the grace or play of the nagas or dragons”
Registered spelling: Nagalila
Private Preceptor Amaragita

Public Preceptor Santavajri

Bianca Kindler becomes Moksadaya
(dot under the s, long last a)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She whose compassion comes from liberation”
Registered spelling: Mokshadaya
Private Preceptor Prasadavati

Dolores Power becomes Saddhajaya
(long second a, long last a)
A Pali name meaning “She whose victory is through faith”
Registered spelling: Saddhajaya
Private Preceptor Prajnagita

Preeti Wathore becomes Siladhi
(acute accent over the s, long first i, long last i)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She whose wisdom comes from her moral conduct”
Registered spelling: Shiladhi
Private Preceptor Kulanandi

Ingrid Aalstad becomes Manjusara
(tilda over the n, long third a, long last a)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She who has a strong core of gentleness and beauty”
Registered spelling: Manjusara
Private Preceptor Kulanandi

Jeanette Osterried becomes Taramalini
(long first, second and third a, long last i)
A Sanskrit name meaning “She who is garlanded by Tara”
Registered spelling: Taramalini
Private Preceptor Vajratara


Ordination in Manchester

Posted 6 months ago

Dear friends,

I’m very pleased to announce that, in a well attended ceremony at the Manchester Buddhist Centre on 13th August 2023, Julie Franklin became Dharmacharini Aryatara.

Aryatara is a Sanskrit name meaning “Noble Saviouress”. The first, third and fourth a’s are long.

The Private Preceptor was Suryaka and Dayanandi was the Public Preceptor.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

with metta



Ordination in Essex

Posted 7 months ago

Dear Friends,

On the 6th August around 80 sangha members, friends and family, attended the Public Ordination of Marion Pidgeon of the Mid-Essex Sangha. The ceremony took place in the lovely new Mid-Essex Buddhist Centre in Chelmsford, England.

Marion Pidgeon became Abhayavani (long 4th ‘a’ and long ‘i’. Dot under the ’n’), a Sanskrit name meaning “The Fearless Voiced One”.

Registered spelling Abhayavani.
Private Preceptor Vanaraji
Public Preceptor Parami

With metta,



New ordination invitations in Mexico

Posted 7 months ago

We are delighted to inform you that Paulina Castañeda, Elena Pliego and Montserrat Arellano from Mexico have been invited to an ordination retreat in September this year at Adhiṣṭhāna.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!


Funeral Arrangements for Ashvajit

Posted 7 months ago

A memorial and celebration of Ashvajit’s life will be held at Adhisthana and live-streamed on Wednesday 9th August. This will be followed by a ceremony at a crematorium in Pershore. Everyone is invited to attend either event or both. The day is being organised by a team consisting of Amogharatna, Akasaraja, Mahamati and Yashodeva.

The schedule is as follows:

Arrival at Adhisthana 11.00 – 12.00

Ceremony at Adhisthana 12.00 – 14.00

Informal Lunch 14.00 – 15.00

Crematorium 16.00 – 17.00

It is important that we keep to the time plan, as the times for the crematorium are not flexible, so please make sure you arrive in good time. The journey by car from Adhisthana to the crematorium takes about 45 minutes. In order for us to plan effectively, please let me know if you will be attending. Send a brief email to amogharatna [at] with the following information:

whether you will attend the celebration and lunch at Adhisthana

whether you have special dietary needs

whether you require a lift, or are able to offer a lift to the crematorium from Adhisthana

Because we have a tight time schedule, there will be no ‘open space’ for rejoicings. Instead, selected people will rejoice in Ashvajit during the programme at Adhisthana. There will also be a book in which people can write additional rejoicings. Anyone who can’t attend in person can send contributions to me (preferably as a pdf) to amogharatna [at] I will print them out and include them in the finished book, which will be made available online.

The link for the live stream from Adhisthana is: =NWhXcDlrMW51VlRKWEp0dUxBK0JsUT09
Meeting ID: 864 1574 8161
Passcode: 571326

Directions to Adhisthana can be found here:

The address of the crematorium is:

The Vale Crematorium
Evesham Road
WR10 2QR

With much Metta,