Buddhism and Triratna

Buddhism has shown me that I can change and that that change is not brought about by will-power but from the principles of loving-kindness and awareness which are expressions of the interconnectedness of the universe. Furthermore the Buddha showed us that it is possible to live in that space of interconnectedness and be free from the suffering we cause ourselves by believing that we have an essential nature and are ultimately able to control things.

The Triratna Buddhist Order is (ideally) a free association of individuals committed to practising the Way of the Buddha. It is at the heart of the Triratna Buddhist Community (Triratna), a worldwide new Buddhist movement with Centres in around 20 countries on 5 continents. Triratna is attempting to make Buddhism relevant to the modern world, through working together in Buddhist businesses, living together in residential Communities and by teaching Buddhism and meditation at city Centres and Retreat Centres. You can find out more from these Triratna links and from Triratna News.