The Making of the Triumph of Life (2003)

The Triumph of Life opera about the last days of the Buddha was an incredibly ambitious project produced in under a month by a group of people around the London Buddhist Centre who amazingly had never done anything really like it before.

They were wanting to communicate the ideals of Buddhism in a very different way by engaging in the world creatively, collaborating with a school, with musicians and singers who normally wouldn’t necessarily be interested in working with Buddhists – getting out of the Buddhist Centre and into the community – how much it achieved that was debatable but it did get noticed in the local press and even nationally. We at Clear Vision were asked to produce a record of the performance and also to do the ‘making of’ documentary, which proved quite a mamoth task in the end – twenty five hours was boiled down to just over half an hour.

It doesn’t give you the whole picture because there were interviews with the major participants and a news video (from the FWBO Newsreel) (see the Newsreel story below) also included on the DVD of the performance.

and the Newsreel story

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