Lotus in the City (2006)

For this video Maitreyabandhu and I interviewed about forty people around the London Buddhist Centre to show newcomers the breadth and depth of practice as well as the activities in the Buddhist village of Bethnal Green. It was lovely working with Maitreyabandhu again, great fun and very harmonious too.

“The London Buddhist Centre (LBC) is one of the largest urban Buddhist Centres in the West. It opened in 1978 and has quickly become the heart of a thriving Buddhist community in the East End of London. ‘Lotus in the City’ is an entertaining and moving film celebrating the life of the LBC and the surrounding ‘Buddhist Village’ through the impressions of some of huge range of people who benefit from it.” Blurb from DVD cover

And a couple of sections that didn’t make it to the final DVD:


Early history

One thought on “Lotus in the City (2006)”

  1. great video, a delight to watch – i couldn’t help smiling and laughing at the deep humanness of everyone: there they were, warts and all, but clearly loving the mandala that is the lbc… Sadhu!

    My only comment is that some of the musical interludes and speeded-up footage didn’t seem to relate to the sectoins they introduced – made it a bit confusing… But what a delight, thanks very much! Am downloading it for my iPod as we speak…

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