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Vishvapani on the BBC

Posted 8 days ago

For a number of years, Vishvapani has been the regular Buddhist contributor to Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Four’s morning news programme, Today.

Here are his recent broadcasts, accessible anywhere in the world. His views on violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Burma/Myanmar may be of particular interest.

11th May 2017 Is Buddhism still relevant? (Buddha Day)
18th May 2017 Eating in moderation
1st June 2017 If technology served Buddhist goals
5th September 2017 The Dharma and the caring professions
12th September 2017 Buddhist atrocities in Burma: the problem of a Buddhist state

These links are to the broadcasts on the BBC website. They are also available (and in text form) on Vishvapani’s Wise Attention blog, where you will also find his talks for BBC Radio Wales and other recent writing.


Meet the new Triratna Safeguarding team

Posted 9 days ago

Safeguarding work in Triratna, in progress since 2013, has developed enormously in the last three months. As the overall Safeguarding officer (Munisha) I’d like to bring you up to date.

Training On 4th October, around 30 Safeguarding officers and trustees from Triratna centres across the UK, and Saddhaloka (Chair of Triratna’s College of Public Preceptors), gathered at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre for our second training day. After last year’s training in child protection, this year we worked on ‘Safeguarding adults’ with the help of an external trainer, from the CCPAS, which specialises in Safeguarding for faith groups.

Our new team We now have not just a Safeguarding officer but a Safeguarding team: two more people are contributing their skills, making my life a great deal easier and increasing our capacity. Check them out in the photographs here.

Our new Assistant Safeguarding Officer is Sthirajyoti, a former compiler of Shabda (the Order journal) and Health and Safety officer at windhorse:evolution until it closed down. He and I are both part of the Development Team financially supported by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly to provide services to all centres in Europe, though naturally our work also benefits centres much further afield.

Providing us with invaluable professional expertise from beyond Triratna, we have a new Safeguarding adviser, Amaladipa, who is very senior in the probation service in Britain and has over 25 years’ experience of Safeguarding in the criminal justice system.

What’s next?
Supporting Centre Safeguarding officers Aware that Centres’ own Safeguarding officers need more training and support, we’re planning for regular small online meetings starting soon and a weekend retreat in 2018. It can be hard being a Safeguarding officer so it’s important that we support each other and connect with Safeguarding as an inspiring expression of the bodhisattva spirit.

Updating policies We are currently rewriting all our existing model Safeguarding policies, bringing them up to date and taking account of lessons learned from this year’s discussion of controversial aspects of Triratna’s past.

New policies We are also working on a series of other policies and documents, including establishing our values, procedures and legal obligations with regard to inclusion of trans people in the Triratna sangha.

Launching the policies and raising awareness The rollout of all these policies includes talking to Chairs, Preceptors, Mitra convenors and the College, raising awareness and clarifying values and legal obligations. The Safeguarding team works in conjunction with an Ethics Kula including College members, Order convenors and others with relevant skills and experience. This kula is in the very early stages of development, but is becoming increasingly effective.

Sharing the learning beyond Triratna
I’m also Triratna’s Liaison officer, responsible for our work with other Buddhist groups in Europe. At this year’s meeting of the European Buddhist Union, I talked about the renewed discussion over the last year of controversial aspects of Triratna’s past. I explained about Safeguarding requirements (which do not exist in all other countries) and about Triratna’s Safeguarding work. The German Buddhist Union expressed an interest in hearing more about it at their meeting in spring 2018.

Contact the Triratna Safeguarding team:
safeguarding [at]

Read more posts about Safeguarding in Triratna.
Read TBCO’s pages on Safeguarding and controversial aspects of Triratna’s past.
+Follow Triratna’s work with other Buddhists.


Dedicating Adhisthana's new shrine

Posted 14 days ago

The artistic pile of bricks and Buddharupas that formed the main shrine for Adhisthana’s first four years has been replaced by a remarkable piece of new Buddhist design. In Clear Vision’s latest NewsByte video Yashodeva tells the story of its creation and dedication, on 19th August at the UK and Ireland Area Order weekend.

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Triratna Amsterdam's new Buddhist centre

Posted 4 weeks ago

Gunabhadri writes from Amsterdam with a five-minute video about the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre’s move (by bicycle!) to new premises in an old hospital (also home to Mokshagandhi).

“On the full moon evening of Wednesday 6th September the new Amsterdam Buddhist Centre officially opened.

For the last time, we shared an evening meal in our old centre in the Palmstraat and then a lamp was lit and transported to the new location by bicycle, together with a painting of Akshobya and two Buddha statues. This is how we said goodbye to the place where the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre had been for 22 years.

The new ABC is the latest high quality product of the Dutch sangha, the fruit of a couple of weeks of building and decoration work during the summer. It is situated very close to main attractions of the city: the Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw and Vondelpark.

When you are next in Amsterdam do come and have a look! Everyone is welcome.
Join us for morning meditation or a Wednesday evening meditation.

Visit our website.
info [at] (Email us.)
Phone us: + 31 (0) 20 6327795.

See you soon in Amsterdam!”


Ordination in Dublin, Ireland

Posted 5 weeks ago

We are happy to announce the first Triratna ordination in Ireland! Keith Hogan’s public ordination was held Saturday, 7th October 2017, at the Sophia Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

Keith Hogan becomes Rijumuni
meaning ‘Honest/sincere sage’
Private preceptor: Khemadhamma
Public preceptor: Saddhaloka

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Ordination at Tiratnanaloka

Posted 6 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce the public ordination of Claire Walsh on Saturday 7th October, at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, amidst a gathering of over 100 sangha, family, and other friends.

​Claire’s private ordination took place at Tiratanaloka on Wednesday 4th October, during a retreat specially arranged so that her husband and their recently adopted baby could stay with her throughout.

Claire becomes Nischalasri
(acute accent over both s to be pronounced sh; second i is long)
meaning ’She whose radiance is unwavering’.
Private preceptor: Amritamati
Public preceptor: Dayanandi

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Ordinations at Padmaloka

Posted 6 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce that the following men were publicly ordained on Saturday 30th September:

Public preceptor: Surata

Terry Diffey becomes Prasannamanas
meaning ’He whose mind is clear’
Private preceptor: Yashodeva

Public preceptor: Satyaraja

Lindsay Robertson becomes Akashavajra
(long first and second a)
meaning ‘He who has the qualities of both diamond and sky’
Private preceptor: Suriyavamsa

Les Robertson becomes Shantivajra
(long first a)
meaning ’Diamond thunderbolt of peace’
Private preceptor: Suriyavamsa

Public preceptor: Maitreyabandhu

Kelvin Heron becomes Shuddhavasin
(long second a)
meaning ’He who abides in purity’
Private preceptor: Dharmadipa

Mark Wade becomes Dhammakumara
(long third a)
meaning ‘Prince of the Dhamma’
Private preceptor: Srikirti

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Ordinations at Akashavana

Posted 8 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce that the following women were publicly ordained at Akashavana, Spain, on 16th September:

Public preceptor: Parami

Elizabeth Hellard becomes Kamalasiri
a Pali name meaning ’She who has the beauty of a lotus’.
Westernised spelling: Kamalasiri.
Private preceptor: Dayalocana

Penny Strange becomes Vidyamani
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She who is like a jewel of knowledge’.
(Long first’a’ and last ‘i’ and dot under the ‘n’)
Westernised spelling: Vidyamani
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi

Meera Vig becomes Aksobhini
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who is imperturbable’.
(Dot under the ‘s’ and the ‘n’ and long last ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Akshobhini
Private Preceptor: Malini

Sharon Reed becomes Maitrisambhava
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’Born from loving kindness’.
(Long second ‘i’ and last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Maitrisambhava
Private preceptor: Candraprabha

Lynne Khorasani becomes Prajnajaya
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She whose victory comes through wisdom”.
(~ above the ‘n’ and long second and last ‘a’s)
Westernised spelling: Prajñajaya
Private preceptor: Dassini

Gill Davies becomes Jyotidana
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who gives light’.
(Both ‘a’s are long.)
Westernised spelling: Jyotidana
Private preceptor: Kalyacitta

Public preceptor: Paramachitta

Jackie Clarke becomes Maitrinita
a Sanskrit name meaning ’She who is guided or led by maitri’.
(Long second and third ‘i’ and long last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Maitrinita
Private preceptor: Suryagupta

Danièle Adam becomes Acalagita
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She whose song is of the unwavering’.
(Long ‘i’ and long last ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Acalagita
Private preceptor: Vajrapuspa

Public preceptor: Maitreyi

Helen Freake becomes Lilamati
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ’She whose understanding is playful’.
(Long first ‘i’ and first ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Lilamati
Private preceptor: Saddhanandi

Caroline Rogers becomes Bodhamayi
a Sanskrit name meaning: ‘Full of Enlightenment/Awakening’.
(Long ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Bodhamayi
Private preceptor: Amritamati

Ursula Brosch becomes Muduka
a Pali name meaning ’She whose heart is tender and receptive’.
(Long ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Muduka
Private preceptor: Taracitta

Jaimie Redwood becomes Aryadhi
a Sanskrit/Pali name meaning: ‘Noble-wisdom’.
(Long first ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Westernised spelling: Aryadhi
Private preceptor: Srivati

Jan John becomes Maddava
a Pali name meaning ’The gentle one’.
(Long last ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Maddava
Private preceptor: Amritamati

Sue McKenna becomes Amalajoti
a Pali name meaning ’She whose radiance is pure and stainless’.
Westernised spelling: Amalajoti
Private preceptor: Vidyamala

Cate Clark becomes Amalacitta
a Sanskrit name meaning: ‘She whose heart / mind is stainless and pure’.
(Long last ‘a’).
Westernised spelling: Amalachitta
Private preceptor: Vidyamala

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Statement Against Buddhist Violence in Burma/Myanmar

Posted 9 weeks ago

Today on Triratna News:

1) A statement against Buddhist violence against the mostly Muslim Rohingya people in Burma/Myanmar, signed individually and personally by senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order including Sangharakshita. The statement simply says that violence cannot be justified by Buddhist teachings.

2) Vishvapani’s broadcast this morning on BBC Radio Four’s Thought for the Day: ‘Burmese atrocities: the problem with a Buddhist state”. (Text and audio)

We first published a statement on this topic in 2013. In view of the even worse violence and dispossession now being suffered by the Rohingya people, its signatories have reissued the same statement, affirming now, more than ever, the Buddhist values of non-violence and loving kindness.

You can also listen to Vishvapani’s broadcast on the BBC website.

Read more about the complex conditions giving rise to the present violence.
Read more about the Rohingya people.
Read about the 2013 statement and the considerations involved in making such a statement.

File Name Size
Burma statement 2017 87.67 KB

Triratna Southampton opens new centre!

Posted 10 weeks ago

After many hours and lots of generous help from a team of volunteers, we have transformed the old ‘Plume of Feathers’ pub into our new Southampton Buddhist Centre.

On the eve of their grand opening on 8th September - the last day of the ‘old’ before they formally became the ‘new’ - Amritadasa led an evening of meditation and quiet reflection to begin the weekend of celebrations. Next they held an Open Day beginning with a ribbon cutting opening ceremony, with an opportunity to mingle, look round the centre, introduce family and friends, learn meditation practices, and enjoy a short talk and Q&A session on Buddhism. To wrap the weekend up there was a day of practice and dedication of the centre, with a chance to meditate together, hear some short talks and engage in a puja.

To learn more about the Southampton sangha and centre, you can visit them online at


Ordinations in Mexico

Posted 10 weeks ago

On 23rd April 2017 seven women were publicly ordained at the Mexico City Buddhist Centre after a Going for Refuge retreat held at Chintamani Retreat Centre.

Mexican and Clear Vision director Sanghadhara was there and filmed the ordinations for NewByte, also interviewing Parami about how six women from Triratna’s Venezuela sangha came to be invited.

Re-watch the live broadcast of the ordinations

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Ordinations at Aryaloka, USA

Posted 11 weeks ago

We are pleased to announce two ordinations celebrated at Aryaloka Retreat Center in New Hampshire, USA on Sunday 27th August 2017.

Rochelle Gatlin becomes Medhahshri
Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has the luster of wisdom’
Public preceptor Ashokashri
Private preceptor Karunadevi

Steve Wade becomes Chittavan
Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘Intelligent, kind-hearted’
Public preceptor Nagabodhi
Private preceptor Suddhayu

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


"What the world needs now": Triratna's International Gathering kicks off!

Posted 12 weeks ago

Adhisthana plays host to Triratna’s International Gathering 2017 this weekend, with around 330 Friends, Mitras and Order members from at least 10 countries spending a long weekend together in many languages. Our theme is ‘What the world needs now”.

It’s a family-friendly event, with children running merrily around the place, enjoying a children’s tent, special activities and storytelling in the shrine tent each evening before the puja. There are workshops, a choir, beginners’ classes, talks, meditation, food… and friendship.

Follow daily reports over on the International Gathering’s dedicated space on The Buddhist Centre Online.


UK and Ireland Order weekend: "A rich and many splendored thing"

Posted 13 weeks ago

Three hundred and fifty or so members of the Triratna Buddhist Order have been meeting at Adhisthana, UK. This summer’s UK and Ireland Order weekend included women and men from countries including Sweden, France, Spain, India, Belgium, Mexico and Venezuela, supported by an international mitra team.

The weekend had three emphases:
1. Extending outwards
2. Going deeper
3. Learning from the past

Extending outwards The Order’s symbol is the thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, each Order member working in his/her own way for the benefit of the world. This was reflected in the theme of the weekend: ‘ “A rich and many-splendored thing” - valuing the contribution of every Order member’.

Under this heading a number of people shared some of the many ways we practise in the world including

  • An Indian classical music workshop
  • A cello recital
  • Sessions on healthcare chaplaincy, prison chaplaincy and mindfulness in the UK prison system
  • A presentation on the work of Young Indian Futures
  • A presentation on the work of the Karuna Trust
  • The work of the Abhayaratna Trust, supporting Order members in financial hardship
  • A ‘Meet the Safeguarding officer’ session with Munisha
  • Moving presentations on projects financed by the FutureDharma Fund

Going deeper Order members tried out a model for discussing one’s practice and assessing strengths and areas for development.

Learning from the past Talks by Vishvapani and Lokeshvara looked how we can learn from the difficulties in our past, staying open, holding difference, staying in dialogue.

We also rejoiced in Prakasha on the 40th anniversary of his ordination, and took the opportunity to welcome more than 25 new Order members!


Launch of new online space for Triratna Buddhist Families

Posted 3 months ago

We recently launched a new space for Triratna Buddhist Families.

The Triratna Buddhist Parents Network Facebook page has been providing invaluable support for many parents practising in Triratna. In response to recent discussions on that group, our own Rijupatha on the The Buddhist Centre Online team (and dad of two), has set up a project space on our website to:

  • Provide further opportunities for children, parents (and grandparents!) to connect and network to discuss their Dharma lives within Triratna.
  • Provide helpful resources for family Dharma practice in one place
  • Promote family events at Triratna centres - with ideas for activities, downloadable courses and other resources, and important information for Centres leading groups for young ones and older ones.
  • Keep Triratna families informed about events, gatherings, and important developments for families in our community.

We have drawn together a bunch of already existing resources. If you would like to see the project grow, we really encourage you to share the resources and ideas that work well for you and your centre / group.